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QINOpractic - Module 4

Module 4 takes place a couple of months after the completion of Module 3 and is the final Module before you reach the Diplomate level

In this final stage, we will tie everything together. This is the end of confusion. Or is it just beginning? You tell me.

If your brain was confused by all the fantastic techniques you learned during Module 1 to 3, it will be happy to know that the only new technique we will learn this weekend is how to use an Activator.

The rest of the time will be spent on practicing and tieing together all loose ends from the earlier Modules.

Module 4 Course Content:

QINOpractic Philosophy

Muscle Testing and Diagnostics

Applied, Physiological and Neurological Kinesiology

Anatomy & Physiology

Neuro Physiology and treatment

Theory and Ethics

Differential Diagnosis

Advanced Kinesiology

Chinese Medicine


Chiropractic soft tissue application (no manipulation)

QINOpractic protocol

QINOpractic Medicine Module 4

Course length:

3 days (9,00 am - 5,00 pm)


Successful completion of Module 3.                


After successful completion of each block, you have to do  case studies.
(Total 70) then you will receive your


QINOpractic Medicine practitioner



QINOpractic protocol
Activator Technique


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