Post-Grad & Autonomous courses

European College of QINOpractic Medicine

Autonomus / Independent Courses

We also offer autonomous courses that are independent of the QINOpractic Protocol.

These courses are a part och QM's emotional or mental part but also offered to any therapist that holds a level 3 Certificate in any Therapy where Anatomy and Physiology is a part of the curriculum.

These courses are:

  • Neurological Calibration plus some Kinesiology techniques, also called QINOpractic 6 for QM practitioners that strive for Master.
  • Emotional Release Technique (ERT,  QINOpractic 7)
  • Anti-Stress Therapy (QINOpractic 8)
  • PSYCH-K, Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology, QINOpractic 9). But only the first two days. Day three, the advanced part is only offered to QM practitioners, since it requires a deeper understanding and techniques that we teach during Module 1 - 4.
  • Allergy course
  • We are currently working on new courses and will presen these during 2020.


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