Special courses in the sun

European College of QINOpractic Medicine

Special courses in the sun

Is the winter with crappy weather and darkness starting to get to you? Why not greet the warmth and embrace the forthcoming summer or prepare or braise yourself for the next cold/dark/rainy winter? 

Meet and cherish the sun for a few days extra on the wonderful Costa del Sol on the southern coast of Spain or load up on D-vitamin and energy to take you through the dark times.

These courses (offered in the sun twice a year) always have a specific target area or problem-based approach; from low back and neck pain to stress-related issues and Peak Performance in sports. See more below.

These courses are for therapists who want to advance and work with their clients on a new, deeper level. This trip/ course is 100% deductible for you as a therapist if your registrered for VAT.
Come and meet in the spring with us down on the Spanish sun coast - You are worth it.

These courses are completely independent and you do not need to be a QINOpractic Medicine practitioner to attend. However, during these courses, we will work with various components of QM protocol.

Take the opportunity to get away for a few days; take care of yourself, make sure you get some sun, do some yoga on the beach, go for a refreshing long walk on the boardwalk or just enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine as the sun warm your face. Between these energizing sessions, we will teach you muscle testing and how to work very efficiently with different pain states or stresses (depending on the focus of this particular course).

Learn to see pain-related issues from a completely different perspective, gain a much greater understanding of our wonderful body (and healing) than before these days.

In May and October 2020, you will also learn one of our most popular and effective tools; Neurological Calibration, where we teach you how to calibrate the right- and left brain hemispheres.

4 wonderful days in the sun.

During these days, you will get plenty of tools that can be used in daily contact and treatment of patients/ clients already the day after the course.

Here you will learn the physiology of why pain occurs and why some get hurt/ suffer from pain and others do not, as well as how you can prevent injuries, rehabilitate them and relieve symptoms here and now.

Initially, the emphasis is placed on understanding body structure and underlying physiology. A good understanding of how the body reacts to imbalances (muscular, structural or mental) is the key to the right treatment strategy. An incorrect diagnosis (analysis) can cause you to treat incorrectly or not get the desired result.

These courses will provide you with a greater understanding of how complex our body is and what you can do to make it work optimally.

Preliminary program:
May 22-24 2020: 2 spots open, Focus - Low back pain)

October 7-10 2020: 4 spots open, Focus - Neck pain and Headache. 

March 2021. Focus - Stress and Goalsetting
October 2021. Focus -  Low back pain

To register or if you any questions, send us a mail or call, click here

QINOpractic Medicine

Massage course, Level 3

Course length:

3,5 days, 



Anatomy and work as therapist, Nurse, or the likes.


After the course, you will receive a course certificate

£ 245 or €280 

NOT included:

Transportation, living accommodation in Spain, meals, and VAT.

NOTE: This course is 100 % deductable if you are registered for local tax in your country. Then the cost will be as above.


Mineral Analysis:

At each course, there is always one day of Nutrition. One day is dedicated to what we eat and our vitamin status, or mineral status for that matter.

You will get a complete Mineral Analysis to find out how your body is doing on an intracellular level. What levels ​​of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids do you have? Or how much heavy metals are in your cells?

You will receive a full analysis and assessment of your status, included in the price.


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