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QINOpractic Medicine: Module 2

Beyond Sports Massage – It’s about Peak Performance. On all levels...

In Module 1 we focused on providing a thorough understanding of the function and physiology of the body. Understanding both the neuro-muscular and pathophysiological roles is vital for the practitioner in order to understand and predict how the body will react to a particular stress or stressful situation (football match or just everyday work-related issues) and/or trauma.

This Module will deepen your new understanding and we will pick it up a notch towards your new improved therapist roll. Time for confusion. It's not until you are lost that you can find new paths. You might feel a bit lost after these two basic courses, but that's exactly where I want you to be. In order to become a better therapist with a much broader understanding, you need to feel lost for a while. That time is now.

We will add some really awesome techniques here and will broaden our understanding of the new way of thinking we started in Module 1. By now, you've taken in your new, different perspective of your clients and their issues, let go to the next level.

Module 2 Course Content:

QINOpractic Philosophy

Muscle Testing and Diagnostics

Applied, Physiological and Neurological Kinesiology

Anatomy & Physiology


Analysis of Pain

Body Reading



Functional Neurology

Integrated Rehabilitation

Stress and Stress Reactions in the Body

A variety of treatment techniques.


Applied, Physiological and Neurological Kinesiology treatment techniques

QINOpractic Medicine Module 2

Course length:

3 days (9,00 am - 4,00 pm)


Module 1

Course certificate:

After the course you will receive a course certificate with the hours specified for your CPD.

We will explore topics like:

The effects of stress on the system as a whole

Providing you with a thorough under-standing of function and physiology of the body.

Kinesiological Muscletesting


Techniques that we address:

Temporal-Mandibular Joint (TMJ),

Pelvis misalignment and  dysfunction

Stability and rehabilitation training



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