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Our Flagship, Foundation, and Paradigm.


These exceptional and very unique courses are the result of 24 years of experimentation, experience, and research that have lead to the development of new, beneficial, successful and results-based ways of thinking and treating clients.


There are 8 QINOpractic modules and each course lead to high calibre and successful therapists to becoming Master Practitioners In QINOpractic Medicine..

Autonomous courses

We also offer  post grad courses that are "Independent" of the

QINOpractic Medicine courses.

These courses still have Module numbers, but can be taken separately from the QM courses. They are:

Neurological Calibration plus some Kinesiology techniques (Module 6)

Emotional Release Technique (ERT, Module 7

Anti-Stress Therapy (Module 8)

PSYCH-K, Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology, Module 9)

and the Allergy course

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QINOpractic Sports Academy




QINOpractic Sports Academy (QSA) is a special branch of QINOpractic Medicine where we focus primarily on the athlete/teams performance (including Golfers).


The QINOpractic Sports Academy offer courses for two different types of "sports freaks": Golfers (special 3-7 days course including a couple of days where you only play golf) and specialized, tailor-made courses for physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, NMT, Sports Massage practitioner that specializes in sport.


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