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The Why, not What

A QINOpractic Medicine (QM) treatment sometimes seems somewhat strange for observers and those on the treatment table.

Why, well, our basics differs from the "norm." QM philosophy originates from Chinese medicine (in combination with Western, of course), which sometimes, for the untrained eye can seem mysterious. Chinese medicine has been around for 5,000 years and is likely to survive way longer than the Western "symptom base treatment protocol.

It's the pharmaceutical companies who are dictating terms and they are not there for your benefit. They have demands from their owners to make money. If you become healthy, their source of income vanishes. Then, the Rockefeller, the Carnegie, and the three families that own the pharmaceutical companies have to hold on to their money, and this is something that they probably won't do voluntarily.

Today's medical AND alternative health educations are steered in the same direction, towards the Medical, or Western Model. Alternative health educational institutes have gone from an alternative path to a strong desire to be a part of the "establishment."

Unfortunately, a huge side effect is the loss of our origin or base, and this is what's happening right now.

Schools have removed much eastern and old traditional philosophies and healing wisdom from the past and the understanding of the "why." Why do we do what we do, why is this patient/client having this issue?

Our personal and professional philosophy is the sail on the boat. Without the sail, the boat will end up where the wind will take us; we can't control where we go.

We at the European College of QINOpractic Medicine have a lot of basic, fundamental philosophies as the basis for our treatment and understanding. As you read more on our website, you'll see lots of them, but we can't print them all here.

This page is about one of these: why not what. Simon Sinek has reached a fascinating discovery, he calls it the Golden Circle and looks this way.

We all know what What means. All marketing is about what we do and how we're different than the other.

What do we have? (for example, a car)

How is it different than the others (USP's, It has five seats, special injection, four wheels and so on)

But the answer to that question doesn't automatically answer the more significant question/s:

Why do/should you buy it?

What need/purpose does it serve you?

Take massage for example.

The masseus/therapist has learned that it's a tight/tense muscle that creates pain (What hurts).

He/she knows muscles, so they think of a technique that can help the client at this very moment (How).

A chiropractor has learned how a subluxation feels and to what implications this can lead.

He/she have also learned How this blocked vertebrae (subluxation) should be adjusted.


To know How to massage a tense muscle or adjust a subluxation does not automatically give you the answer to: Why the muscle tensed up from the beginning, or Why the subluxation came in the first place.


QINOpractic Medicine looks at the problem from the complete opposite direction: We start with the question Why they have this or that problem, Not What they have. The What is only the end result.

We start with the question Why.

Why do you have pain in your back, or why are you feeling bad.

What is the underlying cause/factor that prevents you from

living up to your full potential?

From our theories/hypothesis about what this may be, we go from

there. How can I help this patient/client with the "Why."

This does not necessarily coincide with the symptoms they are looking for.

Depending on Why you have what you have, we have an arsenal of different tools to optimally able to help you based on what your "Why" was.

No treatment is similar to the other.

For example, maybe your QINOpractic Medicine practitioner could come to the conclusion that you need a QINOpractic Treatment, then some ART, or maybe you need a Crianlat treatment and then, in order to optimize your right and left hemispheres integration, you need a Neurological Calibration. No treatment is similar to the other.

PS, we do have "a few more" tools than these...

We, QINOpractic Medicine practitioners, can't answer the most common question:

"I have back pain. What can you do about it?" or "How can you help me?"

The answer is way more complicated than that. If we don't know the Why, then we can't tell you the What. All our treatments focus on the underlying cause, patterns or behavior. And since they may differ from client to client, so does the treatment. Let's call it the first domino.

Why do you have claustrophobia? Why do you have recurrent low back pain? Why have you disparaging thoughts about yourself? Why do you feel that even if others are happy with your work, you feel that you could have done it even better? Depending on why you have these symptoms, treatment tailored according to you as an individual, AND YOUR WHY. Not on the current symptoms.

Your symptoms are only the end result, not the root cause. Symptoms are What you have, but it/they don't automatically answer the question? Why do you have that you have?

Many times I have been asked. I have a client who has joint pain or recurring torticollis. What should I do, or how should I think?

The answer is always: Why do they have it? What is the underlying factor that gave them these problems from the start?

When it comes to pelvic floor pain, it looks like the slam dunk; the woman gave birth to a child. But there are always factors that may not appear as clear as this, for example, why, after five years is she still have these symptoms? She hasn't given birth to children since then, but she's still suffering. Why. Depending on this Why, the therapist then tries to find out the answer to that question. Why.

For us, this is quite logical, but too many of our colleagues, it looks weird? Probably because their basis derives from Western medicine, that focuses all effort on What you have rather than Why you have it. Western medicine provides you without any big fuzz with allergy medicine allergy in order to better manage for example pollen better, but they will never try to understand or treat the underlying cause of your allergies.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn't originate in our "conscious" part of the brain. The underlying cause of claustrophobia does not originate in the conscious part of the brain. If this was the case, we should been able to logically say to ourselves: no, I'm fed up, I'll stop this claustrophobic nonsense now...

How do you think the person will react the next time they get "trapped" in a dark room? Panic attack. Claustrophobia originates from the subconscious part of the brain, not the conscious part. In order for us to get an answer to Why they have claustrophobia, we need to enter the subconscious part of the brain.

This is what we do.



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