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What is QINOpractic Medicine?


QINOpractic Medicine is a complementary and alternative health care profession with the purpose of assessing and treating mechanical disorders.

QINOpractic uses a holistic treatment approach to recognise the body's innate neurological intelligence to organise, maintain and self heal.



Dr Mike Dahlstrom founded QINOpractic in 2005.


QINOpractic is the unique sum and combination of knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy from Eastern Medicines and Chiropractic melded together with modified techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy and different European Soft Tissue and Massage Therapies (among them, Myofascial and Swedish) into a holistic, ‘wholebody’ treatment protocol.


Philosophy and approach to healthcare:

The QINOpractic perspective reflects a holistic, wholebody treatment approach to healthcare.

QINOpractic is non-invasive and recognises the dynamics of lifestyle, environment, and health. This treatment appreciates the multifactorial nature of structural, chemical, emotional and psychological influences on the nervous system and indeed the whole body.


QINOpractic begins with the assumption that function, structure and emotion are interdependent and cannot be evaluated or treated separately. Problems, issues and conditions within our neuroskeletal structure and joints cause an imbalance in the overall function of the body.


These imbalances in function, disturbances in muscles, circulation, nerve function, inner organs, and glands to name a few, can lead to changes in muscular balance and overall physiological and psychological functions. Structural problems, in turn, can lead to disturbances in nerve function and signal flow, resulting in biochemical changes and output of pain.

It starts with our beliefs.


Mahatma Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny."

QM is based on some fundamental pillars, one of them is that healing comes from within and another one is this idea, that Mahatma Gandi so elegantly expressed.

Can you archive long lasting result by only addressing the problems from the middle of this chain? By only changing your actions? Or, learn how to handle your habits? No, you can't.

To start the change in the middle, with, for example, Action, or change your Habits, but you still need to address the first domino, or the problem will come back.

Choose not the educational pursuit,

but the person you want to be...

As you discover more during your ECQM journey, you will realise that we offer a very different but exceptional and extraordinary approach to health care, healing and wellbeing, inclusively integrating the Client’s role in the process.

We do not offer courses that are technique based as we don't focus on just teaching you separate pieces of a puzzle.

For our Therapists, we provide and develop a whole new approach and understanding, hence, a whole new paradigm and way of treating Clients, as well as providing new facets and enrichment to live their own lives by.

One of the key pillars to our approach is to focus as much on the person as we do on the therapist. First and foremost, you are a person, an individual, a dad, a mom, a daughter, a son and for you to help others, you need to be ‘whole’ yourself to provide the best of outcomes.

We have a common thread throughout our courses; to teach, guide and show you how to lay the puzzle, as a human being and a top class, individualistic therapist. We do this because behind every therapist is a human being. You.

You are the most important person for us. At ECQM we want to produce Top Level individuals that will be able share, with unique capabilities, the wisdom, knowledge and skill they have attained for the benefit of thousands and thousands of clients.

Welcome to the Future

Welcome to ECQM


European College of QINOpractic Medicine

"When Quality is more important than Quantity"



QINOpractic Medicine operates from the other direction. While other therapists operate from outside and in - What to do, then How, we look at things from the other direction.


Why do they have this or that issue, then we move outwards to How can we help them, and then What technique is best suited for "the Why"?


This approach requires that you have a deep and thorough understanding of not only the physical body but also about emotional and mental aspects of healing, to re-write faulty patterns and of course a vast selection of techniques at your hand.

One of our pillars, don't worry, we will teach you.


Active Treatment:

One of the essential components of a QINOpractic approach is an active treatment. This means that the patient is encouraged to become an active participant in their own healing process and to take responsibility for their injuries and the rehabilitation required. In contrast for them to just wait passivly for you to heal them.

The client/patient always receives specific exercises (to help them with their imbalances), to be completed at home, as well as individually tailored advice to their particular needs.


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