QINOpractic Sport Academy

QINOpractic Sports Academy

Beyond Sports Massage and Chiropractic –

It’s about Performance.

Peak Performance - On all levels...

QINOpractic Sports Academy (QSA) is a special branch of QINOpractic Medicine where we focus primarily on the athlete/teams performance (including Golfers).


The QINOpractic Sports Academy offer courses for two different types of "sports freaks": Golfers (special 3-7 days course including a couple of days where you only play golf) and specialized, tailor-made courses for physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, NMT, Sports Massage practitioner that specializes in sport.


The difference is that QINOpractic Sports Medicine (QSM) focuses on performance, not the individual's symptoms that the players might have, and we can guarantee that our approach and the way that we see and treat is very different than you've experienced before.


The QSA have been offering international courses for the past 10 years to healthcare professionals and for the past 2 years more specific courses for athletes, instructors and therapist that work in different sports.


The difference is that QINOpractic Sports Medicine (QSM) focuses on performance, not the individual's symptoms that the players might have.


All courses are a direct result of clinical experience spanning over 24 years and we are now expanding into the US and Asia.

In Sweden, there are about 100 practitioners and 30 in the rest of Europe.


QSA doesn't offer mainstream technique courses such as stretching, trigger points etc, but offers our students a whole new way of thinking and treating clients, with a much broader understanding of how the body works on multiple levels (physical, mental and so on.)


QSM focuses on function and performance in the body, kinetic chains and finding the weakest link in the body, and teaching you how to treat these dysfunctions. We focus on the reason Why you sway or can’t quite get the timing right at impact.


AND.. How the body functions under stress. How well does the body function and how well can it perform on the 18:th tee, day 4, and you have to make par or a birdie?


Trainers, Instructors, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists


Everybody starts with that same basic course, where we cover the basics in QINOpractic Medicine, we will bring up subjects like Upper- and Lower Cross Syndrome, muscle test for them and of course teach you how to treat them. You will learn 3 different techniques that can be implemented the day after the basic course.


After the basic course you will go either the medical- (therapeutic) or the trainer/instructor route.

After the Basic course, the two paths differ, the Trainer/instructor route, where we will focus on training and performance exercises for the trainers and the more therapeutic of Medical/therapeutic route.  Please note that we also offer courses towards individual golfers as well.

In the Medicine/Threapeutic rout we offer two different paths as well, depending on your sport, golf/tennis or football.


As a Personal Trainer you can select either of these. After the second level you will receive a diploma in QINOpractic Sport Medicine practitioner, for example Golf QINOpractic Sports Medicine Practitioner.


QINOpractic Medicine is approved in the UK for 20 CPD credits by ACtH and STO and is a approved form of therapy that can be insured by Balens, Holistic Insurance and BGiUK (that insures QINOpractic practitioners throughout Europe).



Why, Not What


QINOpractic approach to performance is on a different level then you are used to. Any good trainer can see what is wrong with your swing, you may sway, slide or have an early extension. They might even understand what is wrong with you and try to correct it with exercises and stretching, but that doesn’t always work and it definitely doesn’t attend to the Why you sway, hook or slide.


QSM focuses on the underlying cause, patterns or behavior in your, or your client’s game. Why do you choke on this or that hole, or when you stand at the tee, final day and you can’t feel the ”flow”, you're not in the ”zone”?

Why do you have recurrent low back pain or other injuries?

Why have you disparaging thoughts about yourself or your game?


QSM focuses on you as an individual, AND YOUR PERSONAL WHY.

Why. Not the current symptoms (pattern, faulty swing, stroke or kick).


Your faulty swing pattern is What you have, but it doesn’t automatically answer the question? Why do you have that specific fault?


Many times I have been asked: I sway or top my swing, what should I do to correct it. The answer is always: Why do you sway?

In order for us to help you we need to know a lot of factors, like muscle activation order or sequence, is that correct, how about adequate muscle mass and proper muscle-brain communication or simply an incorrect technique.

What is the underlying factor or misalignment that causes you to have a faulty pattern?


In order for you to change that swing or stroke, or backhand, we need to understand why your muscles aren’t firing in the right order, why you can’t generate power from your core, what limiting beliefs about your game do you have?

This is what QSM focuses on - Not the biomechanics aspects of the game.



Dr Mike Dahlstrom (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Founder of QINOpractic Medicine, Emotional QINOpractic, QINOpractic Sports Medicine and the European College of QINOpractic Medicine.


Please visit or website for more information about QSA, www.Qinosport.com