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Behind every body, there is a person.

See the person behind the body

The European College of QINOpractic Medicine (ECQM) was founded by Mike Dahlstrom when he combined knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy from Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic come together with techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy and a variety of different soft tissue techniques (like Swedish Massage, Sports massage and NMT into a holistic system of healing. The new treatment form was named QINOpractic Medicine.

ECQM offer post-graduate courses to Manual therapists and other alternative health treatment methods.

The college is situated in Stockholm, Sweden where most of the courses are taught. However in 2007 we had our first international courses, in India and since expanded into the UK and Spain.

Quality is more important than Quantity. This to us means that we have a set of principles, rules, and philosophies that we follow:

1. Number of students

Never more than 12 per course.

2. Guidelines, treatment strategy, and philosophy

ECQM courses have a common thread (guidelines) follows a throughout all courses. All postgraduate courses follow a specific process and have a thorough treatment plan. To follow a common thread is extremely important to us.

3. Solid postgraduate courses

ECQM offers two steps/modules to get a Diploma in QINOpractic Medicine. Our courses all have a solid foundation in theory and in "real life interaction" with patients. The students also have to provide a certain number of treatments between the courses. In Sweden, we have a total of 15 different courses and programs. QINOpractic medicine is a CPD accredited course in the UK (Approved by ThinkTree, CThA and  STO)

4. Long-term and goal oriented

ECQM recommend what we call an active treatment plan, where the patient is an active part of the healing process.

This results in long-term results and a lifelong relationship with your patients.

5. Repetition.

If you want to repeat any course it is always half price, if there is an opening on that course.

You also have the opportunity to join us for the last day on any course for free. (If you previously has taken that specific course).

6, Common Thread.

All our courses have a common thread. All courses correlate with one and another and have a common strategy.

This is very important to us.

7. Course leaders.

All the course leaders that has worked with us has been Chiropractors, Kinesiologist, Osteopaths and Soft tissue practitioners.
As of 2020, the only course leader we have is me, Mike Dahlström, founder of the college.
The courses are led in a Swedish manner, on time, short and consistent.

8, Personality Development.

An understanding of health, healing, root causes of our symptoms. Stress has an enormously destructive effect on our body. What is your motivating force?

Is there a difference between going toward something vs. going away from something? Why does pain occur and how you as a therapist answer this.

These are some topics and issues we work with during our training.

Our therapist will offer their patients value through an established and long-lasting contact, i.e. a correct and safe assessment by the therapist, a timetable for the treatment series, easy to understand information about the patients' problem, the cause and effect and lastly rehabilitation information and exercises. All in order to prevent the patient from falling into old pattern and behavior.

Look outside the frames....

This is important because, with ECQM post grad courses, you will learn that things are not always what they first appear to be. You will also learn techniques that will blow your mind. Learn to see the problem from a bigger perspective.

Only dead fish follow the stream

Do It - Expect Miracles

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