Testimonials, part 2

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Testimonials 2

What do others think about QINOpractic Medicine och our education.

The following are some unsolicited comments from our students (some freely translated to English).

Further down on this page you can find out what clients of QINOpractic Medicine their thoughts about the technique.


'After suffering severe neck and back pain after being knocked unconscious by a car reversing into me as I was walking in a car park. Paul has worked his magic using various methods from QINOpractic Medicine, Emotional Neuro Calibration Release, Neuro linguistic programming and acupuncture of healing to reduce the pain to a very low level, most days now being pain free.
Also, Paul worked a miracle on my very painful ankle using a method called lymphatic drainage. I would recommend this treatment, my ankle is the best it has been for years. I would recommend Paul very highly to anyone in need of pain relief both mentally and physically'. Sandra
Paul Roose, Rhyl, Wales

"With my QINOpractic education, I have many more tools to work with. I feel I can help a lot more clients and it gives me an enormous satisfaction as well. I also feel I have developed as a person and I think it's super fun to go to work every day with the knowledge/education I received from Mike Dahlstrom. A big thank you! "
Ulrika Olausson

"Hi Mike.
I want to recommend your courses to all who work as therapists.
It is not just masseurs who will benefit from your knowledge and your commitment, but also those therapist working for example with stress, depression or similar.
Your broad knowledge and your unique way of connecting different technologies makes it easy to get a holistic approach with my treatments, which means that I can help more people reach their full potential. Thanks for your help "
Birgitta Björkman

"Clearly the best education I attended, is quite astonished over what I have learned a few days. Very impressed by the course leaders."
Sammy Morssy 

With the knowledge and skills I acquired through my education in QINOpractic I am now a very happy and satisfied therapist. I have awesome tools to “really” treat my clients, not just alleviating the symptoms momentarily. It gives me enormous satisfaction in my profession. I have also come to new insights about myself and I am constantly growing as a person and therapist. Many thanks to Mikael Dahlström you for giving me and many others this opportunity through your training.
Cecilia Lindqvist, Ystad. www.mildamakter.com

What our students think



Your Beliefs becomes your Thoughts,

Your Thoughts becomes your Words,

Your Words becomes your Actions,

Your Actions becomes your Habits,

Your Habits becomes your Values,

Your Values becomes your Destiny


Where do you start your change?

How do you change your thoughts? We do.

"My experience of the QINOpractic seminar was incredible.
I have certainly not regretted taking the opportunity to meet charismatic, warm, friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable Mike Dahlstrom. I went to the seminar stressed and I believe depressed, but with an opened mind.
I left happy with enormous energy, smiling for the rest of the day and following weeks... The morning after I jumped out of bed feeling more positive then I have for a very-very long time!

The seminar answered my questions on how to help people more holistically including stress release. I absolutely love the theory behind QINOpractic.
Mike helped me as no doctor has!

I was planning to study medicine but would like to try QINOpractic first. I can see it being a great benefit to my clients’ well being".
Alena P. London

As a former PE Teacher and knowing how important sports participation is for young people. By helping a young boy get back to playing football/rugby again after a long and painful lay off is particularly pleasing.

'Wow!! Finding it difficult to put into words just how truly amazing this man is!!
My teenage son was about to give up on his sports, after being told he has Osgood Schlatters in his left knee. He had 19 months of constant pain. He saw two physio's, a doctor and an osteopath 😯 they all said the same.. "rest and ice" 😡😡 (which clearly wasn't working)

Paul assessed my sons individual muscle(s) strength that can contribute to knee pain and realigned his posture, which got them moving again. He gave us exercises to do at home which dramatically reduced the pain, even after the first session! (we only had 3)
This guy really is magic!! I can't thank him enough for what he has done. Using his Sports Therapy and his got to be seen QINOpractic Medicine technique, his knowledge is amazing. He was very professional and I will always recommend him. 😊😊' MJ.
Paul Roose, Rhyl Wales

Hip and shoulder
I am over 60 years and has constant pain in one shoulder (from a failed surgery) and has been in a lot of pain in the legs, feet and hips for a very long time. This has meant that I can't walk for longer distances. The doctor has told me that these are “things” you have to live with when you get older, but I refused to accept. After the first visit to Ulrika, when she treated me with QINOpractic and something called Duramater (Cranio sacral) treatment I was instantly able to move the shoulder much more freely than before and with less pain.
I was also much more mobile and had less pain in the hips, legs, feet, etc.
The day after the treatment, I could go a very long walk with the dog without any problems and that I haven't been able to do for a very long time! I have been back a couple of visits to consolidate the good result.
Barbro Passgård

It seems that the spirit of QINOpractice is spreading. Brilliant! I recommend to embark on the philosophy. I promise: once you tasted from it you don't want to do anything else. I started to work with it more than a year ago and I'm still fascinated and the results are awesome.

Just completed module 2 and I have to say, this is a brilliant course. The value for money, content and skill set is a brilliant complement to the tool box. I'm already integrating it into the treatment and seeing significant improvements. Thoroughly recommend to those existing therapists out there who want to be more active in initiating the systems of the body that we rely on to get the body to repair itself. Mike Dahlstrom is a genuinely wonderful man and teacher. I can't fault him or his process.
Andy Grell Stuttgart, Germany

"Had an awesome 4 days on the QINOpractic workshop with Mike Dahlstrom, highly recommended and cannot wait for module 2!!"
Richard Johnson, Founder of Active Health Group and Sports Therapy Organization

Richard unfortunately missed the Module 2 (but will do the next one in Manchester in Septemeber 2016), his thought about missing this Module:

"Been chatting to Christian and Dawn tonight and they have told me how awesome it is! I was upset to miss it but now i'm even more gutted!
I wish they hadn't have told me now!" Richard.

"Heading back to Whitefield after a very enlightening evening in the company of Mike Dahlstrom. Excellent introduction to the wonders of Qinopractic therapy, opening energy channels and finding new found strength in dysfunctional muscles."
Digger Daley, Sports Therapist at Achilles Healers Sports Therapy in Bury


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