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What do others think about QINOpractic Medicine och our education.

The following are some unsolicited comments from our students (some freely translated to English).

Further down on this page you can find out what clients of QINOpractic Medicine their thoughts about the technique.


Just completed module 4 and I have to say, this is a brilliant course.

The value for money, content and skill set is a brilliant complement to the tool box.

I'm already integrating it into the treatment and seeing significant improvements. Thoroughly recommend to those existing therapists out there who want to be more active in initiating the systems of the body that we rely on to get the body to repair itself. Mike Dahlstrom is a genuinely wonderful man and teacher. I can't fault him or his process.

Christian Platts, senior tutor at Active Health Group, Manchester

Most of you will at some point have heard of or met Mike Dahlstrom over the last few months. I started his course last September and completed module one, myself, Richard Johnson and friend Chris Oldfield where blown away with what we learnt, but because it's hard to understand I still wasn't sure how or if I could use it with my clients. Well now I can honestly say I am 100% sure this is the way forward.

I took the opportunity to introduce Mike Dahlstrom to one of my clients on Thursday.

A person originally treated by Christian then passed onto me. I'm not going to go into detail about the condition as it's very complex but suffice to say this person cannot maintain any muscle strength and in some areas cannot move certain body parts due to a virus that attacked his nervous system 13 years ago.

Christian and I both made slow progress over the years and our client, with assistance, was eventually able to stand and walk a very short distance by rocking side to side ( like a windup penguin) but after only a short distance he wd be exhausted. "Magic Mike" worked on my client on Thursday showing me the techniques I am yet to master .

After the session my client was able to lift his own head 2" off the bed for the first time in 13 years. He was then able to stand up ALONE and then proceeded to MARCH forward arms swinging up and down the clinic several times with renewed strength and confidence. Even his speech suddenly had volume and clarity.

When Mike muscle tested at the beginning he had zero strength, once finished he had more than 50% strength.

I wanted to share this with all of you so that if you have any doubt that what Mike does is "hocus pokus" or "tricks" you REALLY need to open your minds and look at the courses he offers because I'm sure this would be a missed opportunity that could change everything .

Thank you Mike, your a great teacher and an absolute inspiration

Dawn Rottwell, senior tutor at AHG, Manchester

What our students think



Your Beliefs becomes your Thoughts,

Your Thoughts becomes your Words,

Your Words becomes your Actions,

Your Actions becomes your Habits,

Your Habits becomes your Values,

Your Values becomes your Destiny


Where do you start your change?

How do you change your thoughts? We do.

From a very happy 9 year old girl that was so happy that her pain was gone. 

Great work, Tanja Salaj, Ostenfelde, Germany

Hi guys, just want to share a great story of success and say big thank you to Mike Dahlstrom for the amazing set of tools he gave me in Module 2 QINOpractic Medicine.

A female power lifter came to see me for a treatment in the beginning of March, wanting to increase the weight of her squat. At the time she was squatting 105kg. After one single treatment of glute activation and her religiously doing the recommended stretches and exercises she has just managed to do 120kg squat which for her weight is a European record.

She also reports a noticeable change in the shape and size of her glutes.

She is over the moon with the result and so am I.

Mike's course was the most worthwhile training I have done since getting my level 5 sports therapy diploma. Can't wait for the next two courses he's doing in Manchester in September! I use his stuff in every single treatment and it has helped so many people.

If you're still not sure what CPD to do, I can't recommend QINOpractic Medicine high enough!

Vaska Prostova, Manchester

Hi Mike!

It's not just my patients that look completely surprised. Sometimes it feels like I have my "chin down to my knees" myself, for the amazing results I get when working with QINOpractic. I just have to tell you about the client I had last night. She came for a burning pain in the lumbar region, which radiated down towards her hips. The pain she has had continuously since -05, never been entirely painless. I worked with the QINOpractic tools you taught me and when afterwards her body feels a bit awkward, not as before treatment, and she completely pain-free in the back. All that remains, of the pain, was high up on the medial iliac crest and this pain is not of the same character as before treatment. She was completely surprised and in shock and I had shivers down my spine =).

Susanne Ljungsberg, Nossebro, Sweden

Hi Mike!


I have worked as a therapist for many years and gained a lot of knowledge and plenty of tools, but I have always felt that there was no common thread in what I did.

Meeting QINOpractic was like coming home!

Now I have a full concept and a common thread in my treatments.

Both me and my clients get feedback that it works every time which makes them more motivated to do their own part as well.

Plus, I have received even more great tools!

Besides this I have gained a new family as well, the QINOpractic family!

By far the best and most rewarding training I have gone on!

Reijo Palojärvi, Bodytherapy Center Ludvika, www.bodytherapycenter.se

Just completed Module 4 with Mike Dahlstrom, really enjoyed every minute of the course. What I have been taught in the four modules has brought me on as a therapist. I truly recommend the course as it is an eye opening opportunity to offer and deliver something unique to our clients and having positive results of how the body heals it's self from within.

Mike has a great personality and delivers an enjoyable course. Looking forward to Module 5 in September

Paul Roose, Wales

Fantastic course, wholly recommend it. Spent most of the weekend in hysterics and I'm still smiling - Tusind Tack Mike & my fellow students

Sandra Hughes, Wales



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