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QINOpractic Medicine

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QINOpractic Medicine


The European College of QINOpractic Medicine (ECQM) specialises in courses for physical therapists, massage therapists, NMT and other healthcare practitioners.


ECQM provides you a whole new way of treating clients/patients, with a much broader understanding of how the body works on multiple levels. QINOpractic begins with the assumption that function, structure and emotion are interdependent and cannot be evaluated or treated separately. Problems, issues and conditions within our neuroskeletal structure and joints causes an imbalance in the overall function of the body and vice versa.


Our courses are designed to teach practitioners how to assemble the puzzle, to understand the greater picture, the underlying causes of pain, why issues occur and reoccur. We'll establish a protocol for long-term relief and healing, not just treat the symptoms.


QINOpractic Medicine is approved as CPD accredited courses in the UK by ThinkTree Hub, CThA, CAM, and STO.

QM can be insured across over Europe by BGi UK (except Switzerland).
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On July 16, I will host a free CPD seminar online (on ThinkTree Hub, but the seminar is free for everyone)
I will talk about how our mindset affects us and our surroingdings, how our brain funtions and how that affects us as well, as therapists and as a private person. Read more here




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Meet the therapists of the future



QINOpractic Medicine is the unique sum and combination of knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy from Eastern Medicines and Chiropractic melded together with modified techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy and different European Soft Tissue and Massage Therapies (among them, Myofascial and Swedish) into a holistic, ‘wholebody’ treatment protocol.


"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Edison


The European College of QINOpractic Medicine seeks to be on the leading edge to form these future caretakers.

We offer eight different courses for these future caretakers.


Three structural modules (Module 1 - 3) and 5 Mental or Emotional Modules (Module 4-8)


Here is a short presentation of Module 1 and 2, that are our basic courses (20 CPD each).

After these two modules, you'll get your first Diploma in QINOpractic Medicine.

Welcome to the future

Module 1


Module 1 focuses on providing a thorough understanding of function and physiology of the body. Understanding both the neuro-muscular and pathophysiological roles is vital for the practitioner in order to understand and predict how the body will react to a particular stressor or stressful situation (football match or just everyday work-related issues) and/or trauma.


This understanding will prevent misdiagnosis and ensure treatment is accurate leading to desired outcomes and effective results. An incorrect diagnosis and/or lack of understanding of functional mechanisms can lead to an incorrect treatment or not getting the required effect.


This first module will give you a number of valuable understandings and techniques, which can be used on a daily basis when treating your athlete/client.


This module will leave you well equipped to treat your clients from day 1 after the course to free them from a vicious cycle of chronic pain, or to reach that extra level of performance. Module 1 focuses primarily on understanding and a new way of thinking about our client's problem.

We look at their problems from a different perspective.

Plus you will be provided with a whole lot of useful techniques.

You will explore topics like:

The effects of stress on the system as a whole

Techniques to address TMJ problems, Hip dysfunction and Active Stabilisation for upper- and lower cross

Stability and rehabilitation training


UK, Ireland, and Scotland: Level 3 Certificate in any Therapy where Anatomy and Physiology is a part of the curriculum.



Module 2

Module 2 takes place approximately 3 months after the completion of Module 1.


The second module highlights core stability as a fundamental aspect of the maintenance of biomechanical stability.


Proper brain function is essential in the training of these core muscles.

Without proper communication, a training session will be poorly executed and increases the probability of resulting in injury.

These ‘core’ muscles consist of the diaphragm, pelvic floor and the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. In an optimum state, these muscles are fully functional and work together in a state of neurological integration. However, so often, disruption to this balance leads to reduced function and a number of symptoms including back and pelvic pain, incontinence, and sciatic pain.


In the final stages of completing this course and becoming a Diplomate in QINOpractic Medicine, you will learn a number of solid techniques, primarily from Kinesiology and Osteopathy.



Chiropractic soft tissue application (no manipulation)

Cranial, Cranio-Sacral and Meningial treatment

Chinese Meridian therapy (no needles)

QINOpractic protocol


After these two modules, you will start to create miracles, read more about these on the testimonial page.


QINOpractic Medicine, Module 1

After this course you will get a Diploma


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