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Everybody starts with that same basic course, where we cover the basics in QINOpractic Medicine, we will bring up subjects like Upper- and Lower Cross Syndrome, muscle test for them and of course teach you how to treat them. You will learn 3 different techniques that can be implemented the day after the basic course.

After the basic course you will go either the medical- (therapeutic (including Physiotherapist)) or the
Trainer/Instructor route.
We offer different courses in the medical (therapeutic) route depending on your sport. Today we offer 2 different paths: golf/tennis or football.
As a personal trainer you can select either of these. After the second level you will receive a diploma in QINOpractic Sports Medicine Golf (or Tennis) Practitioner

Read here about the Basic Course in QSM

After the Basic course you have 2 options:

Therapist or Medical Route:
If you are a registered therapist, of otherwise meet the minimum requirements you can go the medical route.
This route is more geared toward treating ailments, reoccurring injuries but first and foremost enhance the athletes performance. You will of course learn all the exercises and rehab plans that the trainers/instructors will focus on in their route. Click here to read more about the second course (Medical route)

The other route, trainer/instructor, is more geared toward everyday practice with the athletes. After the basic course you will receive a diploma - QINOpractic Sports Medicine Golf (or Tennis) Instructor. The next level is an in-depth course in rehabilitation and functionality tests and treatment that you can't get anywhere else, plus even more Muscle tests for your everyday understanding on the complexity of the human body, and to build up to the next course, where we deal with the mental aspects of the game. During these courses you will learn  some great techniques to help the athlete there on the pitch, course, court or field, already after the first Basic course.
Click here to read more about the second course for instructors (after the basic course that is considered, the first course).

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