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Course 2, Rehab

This section is for Golf- or Tennis Instructors or Personals Trainers

During these days we focus on exercise and rehab programs for your athletes.
we will dig deeper into Upper Cross Syndrome (and Lower Cross of course, but we will cover that in the basic course).
We will also focus more on exercises for those syndromes as well.

We dig deeper into some techniques, like ART. All techniques and rehab exercises are geared towards performance and core stability.

I am sure that if you are a physiotherapist or soft tissue therapist and are already working with a team you will recognize most of these techniques.
What is different is the QINOpractic Approach to the problems and some philosophical aspects.

We will also touch subject like how the body reacts to stress and how this will affect the athletes performance.

There will be a lot of practical moments for you to work on those exercises.
You will also be working on each other with the techniques we covered in the basic course.

Course Content:
QINOpractic Philosophy
Muscle Testing
Applied Kinesiology
Anatomy & Physiology
Functional Neurology
Integrated Rehabilitation
Stress and Stress Reactions in the Body

Applied Kinesiology Techniques.
Chiropractic soft tissue application (no Manipulation)
Active Release Technique

Course length:
2 days (9,00 am - 3,00 pm)
Can be taken on a two or three day setup:

2 day setup 3 day setup
Friday   Day 1 (9 - 14,30)
Saturday Day 1 (9 - 14,30) Free
Sunday Day 2 (9 - 14,30) Day 2 (9 - 14,30)

QSA’s Basic course.

Course 3 - Mental Aspects
Course 4 - Advanced Course

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