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Beyond Sports Massage Its about Peak Performance. On all levels...


This section is for Golfers in general, not necessarily Golf Pros or Professional Golfers, but anyone who loves the game and want to improve the game, play pain free or would love to be able to play the game for life.

This course is almost always done on a golf course and lasts from 3 to 7 days, and most likely not where you live. Spain, Florida, Dubai, Thailand, Hong Kong or India for example.

We offer 3 options: a 3 day, a 5 day and a 7 days course/experience (the 7 day option is only available in India, Thailand or Hong Kong).

A golf swing consists of 4 different phases, lets call them 1-4. The firing order should be in the same order, 1 to 4.
But how do you know that they are? Lets say you drive a car, first you put in the first gear, let go of the clutch and then ease off. But what would happen if the first gear didn’t work?
Well, then you have to put in second gear, rev the engine and let go of the clutch a bit faster.
How do you think this will affect the car in the long run? How about if second gear didn’t work either?

How about if your first phase of the golf swing didn’t work, what would you then have to do?
Put in second gear and rev the engine. In your body that means that you start swinging more with your arms, or adjust your hitting pattern to the current situation. How about if phase two didn’t work after a while, lets say after hole 15? How do you think this will affect your game and body in the long run?
How do YOU know if your firing sequence is correct and what excesses do you have to improve this?
Golf is not always about the right stance, grip of the club, pushing your hips like this or that.
It’s also about muscle activation and having the correct firing order.

How can we help you reach your personal Peak Performance, no matter the lever your at?

The stuff we’re going to cover during the day is different then the course for trainers and different therapist, here we cover, or provide you with a thorough understanding of function and physiology of the body. You will learn why and how to stretch, do you need to work out? How about the fact that we will help you find your weakest links in your body, that will cause you pain and / or discomfort during your round. How does stress affect your body, and what can you do about it on the course?
Sure, lets deal with that as well..

This basic course will give you a number of valuable understandings and techniques, which can be used on a daily basis when treating your athlete/client.

- Physiology of pain and why some experience pain whilst others don’t.
A greater understanding, of pain and reoccurring pain. Why does pain or injury keep coming back?
Is your therapist looking at the right spot/area?
Just because you have a history of Hamstring (or back pain) problems, does that mean that there is something wrong with the Hamstring (or lower back)? Or is the picture bigger than that?

How about, underlying cause. Have your trainer or therapist checked and found your underlying cause for your problem (discomfort, pain, lack of confidence or similar)?
We will during these days explain and show you how your body reacts to pain and stress. Extremely interesting and helpful to your game.

- How can you yourself improve your game? How well does your firing order of your swing work?

Our courses are very different then any golf course and / or instruction you’ve ever tried before.

The days are dependent on your wallet, time and interest
The days usually looks like this:
8 am - Breakfast
9 am - 12 noon - Course, work-out or personalised instructions
12 noon -  Lunch
12 noon - 2 pm - Session with Golf pro
2 pm - a nice round of afternoon golf or hit the gym, or take the rest of that day off.

You will get a more customized schedule for your course, it differs from time to time, depending on if it's a beginners course/trip or and advanced one.
We offer 3 different levels: Advanced (handicap below 20), Intermediate (handicap 20-36) or Beginners without any handicap (golf handicap)

Topics 3 day course 5 day course 7 day course*
Anatomy and Biomechanics in Golf Yes Yes Yes
Understanding Pain and injuries in Golf Yes Yes Yes
Personalised evaluation of your weakest links in your body Yes Yes Yes
Treatments included 1 2 3
Instruction with a PGA professional Yes Yes Yes
Personalised handbook with pictures Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Range balls Yes Yes Yes
Number of days on the golf course 2 4 6
Breakfast Dependent on venue Dependent on venue Dependent on venue
Lunch Dependent on venue Dependent on venue Dependent on venue
Hotel stay (may or may not be included)** 2 nights 4 nights 6 nights
Days with schedules activities during your stay 3 3 5
Evening activities (not included in the price) 1 2 3

* Only offered in Hong Kong, Thailand or India at the moment
** For some courses we strike special deals with a hotel or Venue and then we might be able to offer this with the course, but sometime we can't get that deal, then we will of course arrange it so that we all stay together anyway, but it wont be included in the prize. It will however be specified.

This course will leave you well equipped to greatly improve your game, give you an understanding on where your underlying problems are and the tools you need to reach the next level, or just stay pain-free.

Treatment and personalised assessment included.
In the price for the course one personalized assessment and treatment is included, plus we give you the adequate home exercises that you need and for 2 days we will be helping you do your exercises as well.

We place a lot of emphasis on understanding about your problems, pain, bad self confidence, problems with playing well during stress and so on. We will give you the tools you need to better manage your golf game and life situation in general. We do it slightly different then the other, you might say.

We look at your problems, and performance from a very different perspective.. Plus you will of course provide you with your personalized tools for Your weakest links. 

You will explore topics including:
The understanding of why peak performance is not possible due to some very common structural imbalances in your body.
You will get a very sound understanding on why you have your issues.
Why it is important that muscles fire in the correct sequence and turn off when they should.
How do you know that your firing sequence is the correct one? Well after the course you will, and have the tools to keep it that way
Areas that we cover: Hip dysfunction, Stability and rehabilitation training and foot problems

The Basic Course - Content:
QINOpractic Philosophy
Muscle Testing and Diagnostics
Functional Neurology
Integrated Rehabilitation
Stress and Stress Reactions in the Body
A variety of treatment techniques.

A variety of applied Kinesiology techniques.
Other soft tissue applications

Assessment and Treatment included:

Days where we will be working with your tailor-made exercises:

Course length:
3 days (9,00 am - 2,30 pm)

3 day setup 5 day setup
Wednesday Not here Day 1 (9 - 12.00)
Thursday Not here Day 1 (9 - 10.30), then Free
Friday Day 1 (9 - 14,30) Free to play
Saturday Day 2 (9 - 14,30) Day 2 (9 - 14,30)
Sunday Day 3 (9 - 14,30) Day 3 (9 - 14,30)

Please note that we offer different courses depending on your level; Beginners, Intermediate (20-36 hcp) and Advanced (below 20 hcp)

Loooove the game of Golf

Special courses for you and your friends:
We will tailor-make a course for you and your friends, but we need at least 10 participants. Send us an E-mail.

If you want further information about the next course or when we plan a course close to you, please send me a mail: